"Find the Flower that Blossoms"

"Find the Flower that Blossoms"
The Must read for 2011!

Friday, December 24, 2010

The book to read in 2011!

"Find the Flower that Blossoms!" My pride and joy! After spending two years (and I mean four or five days per week at two or three hours per day) I finally achieved my dream of completing the novel I was working on! I then did a lot of research on how to get it published. I read books, articles, online publications, etc. Then, I started to "pitch" my manuscript to agents and publishers. After about three and 1/2 months I actually started to receive some interest and in October, Publish America agreed to publish my book! Now based on the television version of success this story should be over right? Dead wrong!! The real work was just beginning!

I would love to share my experience with anyone who may be interested.

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