"Find the Flower that Blossoms"

"Find the Flower that Blossoms"
The Must read for 2011!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

The book is finally here!!

I typed my very first words to this novel on Saturday, August 21 or 22 (can't remember) 2009. 525 gruelling days later I'm sitting here looking at a copy of this book and it's overwhelming!! It's hard for me to look at it because I'm only used to reading the book on my laptop. It looks so good! So professionally done and the print is so easy to read! Even though I've read it literally about 250 times, I still want to flip through the pages and relive the experiences I had while writing certain sections. This was my goal and I'm partially there. I don't see it as an individual accomplishment though. Many people have helped me get here. Some more positive than others, but even those that challenge you help motivate you to achieve whether they are your worse enemies or your closest loved ones.

I'm on a mission to make the most of this book. Not just to earn income, but primarily to use it as a platform to talk about the issues contained within it. I'm humbled at having this book published. My thanks goes to those who came before me and sacrificed so much so that I can be in this position. Ashay!!

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