"Find the Flower that Blossoms"

"Find the Flower that Blossoms"
The Must read for 2011!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My Book going Mainstream?

Ok...I got the word last night that Barnes & Nobles.com, Amazon.com, etc., would be listing my book which means you can go to either of those sites, type in either my name, the book title, or the book IB # and "Find the Flower that Blossoms" comes up. You can order the book directly from any of those entities now. How do I feel about that? Outstanding! I know I need the exposure and I feel like once people know about this book, they will buy it. Once they buy it, they will read it. Once they read it, they will be impacted! The book raises a lot of important questions and I look forward to facilitating many dialogues!!

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